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Cabin Branch Quilters’ Schedule of Upcoming Events

November 28  Membership Meeting: Quilt Show Judging Techniques Sandra Dorbecker, a quilt show judge will present a slide show on quilt judging.

December 19 Membership meeting: “Celebration of Red and Green” Members are encouraged to bring in their red and green or Christmas quilts for show & tell. To help celebrate the holidays, bring your favorite dessert to share in our holiday dessert potluck.

January 23 Membership meeting: We will be playing Quilters Bingo—QUILTO!

January 28: Mini-Retreat Woodbridge Senior Center Details to be announced

March 18 19 The combined Cabin Branch and Stone House Quilters Show Excitement is building for our very best show ever. Watch for more details soon! 

CBQ Library

Cabin Branch Quilters is fortunate enough to have a wonderful library of donated books for the use of all members. The books and magazines available are listed below. Most of the newer books are brought to the monthly meetings and can be checked out. In between meetings, if you would like to browse or check out, you can contact Cabin Branch Quilters

Directions To Woodbridge Senior Center

  1. Direction From Northern Virginia:
  2.  I-95 South towards Richmond.
  3. Take exit 161 – on left- towards Woodbridge.
  4. Turn right on to Longview Drive.
  5. Turn Left onto Church Hill Drive.
  1. Directions From Southern Virginia:
  2. I-95 North
  3. Take exit 158 (Prince William Parkway) towards Woodbridge.
  4. Turn Right on to Botts Ave.
  5. Left on Longview Drive.
  6. Right on Church Hill Drive

Quilting Bees:

Quilting bees began as a way for women to combine work with pleasure in that a quilt top for a friend or family member could be quilted while information about the community, political events, recipes, parenting, quilting, etc. could be exchanged. Our bees are just as informative as those in the past, the main difference is that we usually work on our own project. However, sometimes no “work” is accomplished because we are having such a good time. Bees are held at the convenience of the hostess: day, afternoon, evening or even all-day! Children are welcome. There is a roving Tuesday morning bee, a Wednesday morning bee, a roving Thursday evening bee and a roving bee every 2nd Monday. Please check your CBQ newsletter for the contact person.
If you are planning a quilting bee, please let the Beekeeper know when and where. For the regularly scheduled bees contact the Beekeeper at Cabin Branch Quilters .

The guild will also be holding bees at Chinn Park Regional Library in its Community room at no charge.


…Every Monday (except the 4th Monday of the month) from 1 to 4 PM an open bee at Hancock Fabrics in Woodbridge. Call June Henkel for details.

 … 1st Monday of each month at 10:00

… 1st Monday of each month at 10:00 AM, Treasure’s of the Heart Bee in Occoquan. Everyone is welcome

… 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM, a roving bee. Please call Gwen .

…Every Tuesday, a roving bee. Call Marion Stein .

… Wednesday mornings, a kid-friendly bee, For information, call Marianne 

…Every Thursday, a roving bee. The schedule for Thursday bees are stuffed inside the official CBQ turkey. For the recipe, call Bev .

… Every other Saturday at 1 PM for students of Emily Martin. Call Dawn 

Chinn Bees
 Come join us at the Chinn library to work on your special UFO’s. (Unfinished Objects) in the Community Room. There are friendly, helpful members, large tables, felt walls and lots of floor space.

…December 10, 2005…March 5, 2006 
…April 9, 2006   …May 13, 2006
…June 4, 2006 

Healing Quilts Exhibit:

On Sunday, November 20, the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Old Town Alexandria will feature an exhibition of “ Healing Quilts in Medicine”. The exhibition consists of more than 35 contemporary art quilts depicting organisms used in cancer treatment as well as cheerful topics aimed at helping cancer patients and their families pass the time more easily. The contemporary art quilters who are included in this group were hand picked by the late Judy House (Quilters Unlimited – Vienna), a local art quilter, teacher, and lecturer, whose work was recognized at local and national quilt shows. The group includes artists from across the country and from the United Kingdom. Paula Golden’s quilt, “Garlic: For Body and Soul” is part of this exhibit. 

The exhibition is free to the public and will be open from 7 to 0 PM. For more information about the Healing Quilts in Medicine project, visit After this one-night exhibition, the quilts will be donated to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center where they will no longer be available for viewing by the general public.

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