Jill Walton, introduced the speaker, Peggy Sullivan from ACTS. Peggy explained that she was filling in for Julie Granahan who was scheduled to speak. She also acknowledged Sherri Quinn, one of our guild members, who might be able to answer questions she could not. Peggy talked about the variety and diversity of our quilt tops, which mirrors our membership and the clients at  ACTS.  She spoke about the backing we use and made the analogy to the backing we give her organization by making the quilts. She mentioned the batting in the quilts (or the loft) saying that the quilts give great loft, or a feeling of being lifted up, to the recipients. And then she mentioned the piecing required for the quilt and said how similar it is to their clients who are trying to piece their lives back together. The life preserver was used as a prop to help remember the to phone number of the organization that can literally save someone’s life.  

The lifeline phone number is 703-221-4951  

Peggy talked he about the various ACTS programs including: the court advocate office; the safe house (and another to open soon); the teen dating violence program in high schools and middle schools, the Hispanic outreach program, and the training and education. She then showed slides of pictures drawn by children in the various programs. She concluded with the mantra we repeated with her, “I’m concerned for your safety…” After the presentation, Jill pointed out the several twin-size quilts exhibited around be the room representing the thirteen quilts soon to be donated to the safe house. The quilts are meant to warm the safe house and its inhabitants. Jill then read the list of names of people involved in the making of the quilts. Peggy was quite surprised and had no idea the quilts were for ACTS.  There were tears in here eyes as she thanked us 

Shelter Quilts:

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Cabin Branch Quilters are wonderful and generous people, as though we did not already know that. From a simple conversation with one of the house mothers at the Turning Point Shelter for Abused Women and Children came a complete renovation of four bedrooms. 

The rooms were repainted and handmade, coordinated quilts and curtains were installed.  New art work and dust ruffles were added to each room.  The transition from tired and worn to comforting and bright was amazing ! !  The rooms are beautiful to behold.

A heartfelt thank you to all those who participated in this spontaneous project!  The Virginia Quilter, Brenda Shreve, machine quilted all the quilts. Hancock Fabrics donated all the backing fabric and provided the batting at cost.  Bunnie Jordan (Fairfax Chapter of QU) donated two batts.  Pauline, Paula, Roz and Garnet donated fabric for the curtains.  The hours that the following women donated for making the quilts, sewing bindings on and making curtains is innumerable:  Pauline, Kathryn, Anne, Paula, Marianne, Kathy, Bev, Susan, Jane, Sheila, Mary, Inge, Judy, Barb, Brenda, Barb, Garnet and Lori. 

If I have forgotten to list your name, please accept apologies for the lapse in my memory and record keeping.  Thank you to all who participated in this project!  

Paula Golden

CTS/SERVE Quilt Project

Action in the Community Through Service (ACTS) is a nonprofit organization and a United Way Member Agency. Some of the “actions” found here, that benefit Prince William County are: Emergency Assistance, Helpline, Teleteen/Phone-a-Friend, Transitional Housing, Day Care, Turning Points, and two thrift stores. You can learn about volunteer opportunities with ACTS by calling (703) 441-8606.

Crib sized quilts are made by guild members and donated to ACTS in Dumfries for their local Abused Women’s Shelter and Securing Emergency Resources through Volunteer Efforts (SERVE) in Manassas. Quilt kits with all necessary items are assembled either at home or at quilting bees conducted periodically. These kits can be picked up at the monthly meetings or by contacting the coordinators at Cabin Branch Quilters . If preferred, members can use their own fabrics/batting in creating a quilt. Completed quilts are turned in at the next monthly meeting or whenever they’re done.

Our goal is 10 to 15 quilts a month. We try to provide at least 10 a month to ACTS and 15 a year to SERVE. We do need to keep up our supply of quilts. If you have fabric or batting to donate, please contact the coordinators at Cabin Branch Quilters . This is an ongoing and worthy project, as the receipt of their very own quilt can have a lasting impact on a child!

Guidelines for the ACTS quilts:

  • Fabric for the top of the quilt should be cut into 6-inch squares (this does include seam allowances).
  • Note: Instead of squares for the quilt top, you can use preprinted fabric panels to make the quilt.
  • You will need 63 squares of fabric; coordinate solids and print.
  • Fabric for the back should be 1-1/2 yards (45-inches wide).
  • Batting should be 1-1/2 yards (45-inches wide) polyester hi-loft.
  • We usually use 100% cotton but have used cotton interlock and flannel.
  • Prints can be kid oriented but any will do.
  • Complete quilt size is 40″x52″.
  • The quilt is completely machine washable and can be put through the dryer as well

Instructions for making an ACTS quilt:

  • Cut 63 6 inch squares
  • Lay out squares in a 7×9 grid in a pleasing pattern. 
  • Stitch squares together in 9 rows of 7 squares each and sew the rows together.
  • Place the sewn squares and backing right sides together.
  • Add the batting on top.
  • Sew through all 3 layers:
    • Starting at the bottom edge (A) of the quilt at about 12 inches from the long-side edge (B), sew to the corner, then stop.
    • Now turn the quilt and sew up long side (B) until you reach the corner, then stop.
    • Turn the quilt and sew along the top edge (C) until your reach the corner, then stop.
    • Turn the quilt again and sew down the other long side(D), then stop.
    • Turn the quilt once more and sew along the bottom side (A) for another 12 inches, then stop and cut thread.
    • This will leave a seam opening wide enough for you to turn the quilt right side out.
  • On a table or bed lay quilt out, reach inside to edge C and pull the quilt right side out..
  • Hand stitch the opening closed.
  • Stretch and smooth quilt on a flat surface to make sure the top and back are aligned and that all seams are properly pulled out.
  • Pin or baste the quilt to insure that the front and back won’t shift.
  • Machine tack every 6 inches or tie with crochet thread or yarn every 6 inches; this can be at the corners or in the centers of the individual squares.
  • To tie the quilt:
    • Thread your needle with crochet thread or yarn.
    • Starting in the center or at the corner of each square go down through all layers, pulling the needle and yarn through to the back; make sure to leave a tail of yarn that is about 2 inches.
    • Then come up through to the top and clip the yarn to leave another tail of about 2 inches.
    • Tie the 2 tails together into a double square knot.
    • Continue until all quilt squares have been tied this way.

Kids Can Quilt

On June 27, 2005 Cabin Branch Quilters were very please to present a class called Kids can quilt.  The class was taught by Linda and Sarah Hahn.   Linda and her 13 year-old daughter Sarah, were wonderful teachers. With an emphasis on letting the  children who attend the Sunday workshop to express themselves and make their own quilt.  In fact the number 1 rule was :

Mom don’t hover

A great time was had by all as you can see from the smiles.  I would highly recommend this dynamic duo to any guild wanting to hold a Mom and child class.  

You can reach Linda at her website:   and be sure to check out her  Quilt `n Cruise Canadian Cruise coming up in June of 2006. 

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